Monday, March 21, 2011

HE is faithful!

I was so encouraged by my time in God's Word this morning that I just had to share!

2 Timothy 2:13 says "if we are faithless, He will remain faithful, for He cannot disown himself."
Romans 3:3 says "What if some did not have faith? Will their lack of faith nullify God's faithfulness? Not at all! Let God be true and every man a liar.

Thank goodness that HE IS FAITHFUL no matter what I am!!! Lord, help me overcome my unbelief (and this my prayer for you today too)!

Spring Break

Well, it's spring break...and it actually feels like spring outside! I'm looking forward to a week of fun and also accomplishing the many things that have been being put off since Christmas break. Piles of stuff that keep getting bigger, Maggie's babybook, ordering prints of my last 6 months of photos, and cleaning out Brett's closet  (that one has been put off for 2 years - well actually, I left it for him to do because I thought he would like to choose what to get rid of, but he hasn't done it so I'm going to - I was told if I get rid of the 'sacred shirt' there would be serious repercussions - I ain't scared of him though...:)!

My kiddos are working hard at the moment to finish up all their chores so they can head outside and then they are begging for so wii-time (Mario) later today. Honestly they get more exercise playing wii Mario than they do playing wii's HILARIOUS to watch them - every time they make their 'guy' jump they also jump and they are constantly swinging their arms around as they navigate through each level! So funny! I've had to ban them from the furniture while playing wii cause I found them standing and JUMPING on my couch!!! That is a big-time 'NO' in our home!

Well, I guess I'd better stop typing cause there is fun to be had (and work to do)! Have a great day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011's the weekend

Well, I don't have any profound thoughts or funny stories this morning. But I'm in a 'mood' so I thought maybe I should type as I eat my bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios...yum.

Weekends at the Curry house have a few different 'looks'.  Look #1 - an overstuffed closet - you open the door and get knocked off your feet by all the stuff that flies out (a good example of one of these would be last weekend when we had Awanas Olympics all day followed by a birthday party then on Sunday we had church, lunch, a short rest time at home, then back to church for a meeting after dropping the kids off at Awanas at a different church - Whew - I was ready for Monday so I could relax a bit!).  Look #2 - a very organized closet - you open the door and immediately find just what you were looking for and it feels good ( a good example of this would be...well...actually...I can't think of even one since we've had children - ok, who am I kidding...I can't think of one even before we had kids!).  Look #3 - a closet where everything fits, but barely - you open the door, move a few things, and finally find what you were hoping you hadn't throw away or lost completely (this would describe most weekends here - not nearly as orderly and productive as this TypeA mama would like, but we fit most of the 'important' stuff in and haven't completely lost our sense of adventure or our sanity.....yet).

 So that's me this morning...trying to remember what the 'important' stuff is and trying NOT to get frustrated over MY 'important' stuff that once again isn't going to get completely done...if any at all. Maybe I'll just skip the cleaning all together and work on Maggie's Baby book that has not even a single word written in it yet. :(  And order pictures to put it in (I have taken them, just not ordered prints). And play with my big kids. Those are the 'important' things in life...not the dirty floors or the still huge pile of laundry that I just couldn't get done yesterday...right? But what is clean to wear to church tomorrow...?

P.S. - Maggie slept from 12-6 IN HER OWN BED! I should feel so well rested and be in a great mood! Come on coffee, do your job!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Molly Faith

At this moment 3 years ago I was lying in my bed snuggling with my brand new baby girl! Molly Faith has been such a joy and a blessing to us. Also a reason for much laughter! She'll do about anything for a laugh and loves to entertain her siblings...especially during their school time (to my dismay and sometimes utter frustration!)! Everyone thought that she would be a boy so when she was a girl I was in shock...and completely delighted (I had wanted a girl...obviously God had placed that desire in my heart:)! Molly was a big-time mama's girl up until about 5 months ago when Maggie was born...Molly has since become quite attached to her Daddy as well. :) Her nickname is Moo - shortened from Moody - a more fitting nickname has never been placed on a baby I'm sure! She could go from a smile to a scowl in a few short seconds (starting at a very young age) and did was hilarious! Thankfully most of her scowls are reserved for her joking now. :)

What an honor to be called Mama by this sweet little girl. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for her future! I love you my little Molly Moo - keep smiling!
So of course this morning started off with our traditional chocolate chip pancake Birthday breakfast (with candles & singing too of course) followed by presents from Brett & I and siblings. We're playing around the house for now and next on the agenda is lunch at McD (healthy, I know:) and playing in the PlayPlace with her siblings and her best friend, Landon (her cousin whom she adores)! Then tonight cupcakes with all of our Life Group friends. I LOVE birthdays - celebrating the day I became a mama (to each one of my babies) is so much fun!!!  :) :) :)