Saturday, January 28, 2012

Emma Grace is 8!!!

Today is Emma's 8th Birthday. Wow...the time has flown by! I just can't believe it's been 8 years since I held my first daughter for the very first time. What a gift she has been to me. Emma has challenged me in ways that no one else can, she has touched my heart in places only she can, and she has brought me to tears more times than I can count with her own tears, sweet words, or prayers. She is feisty, fun, loving, ornery, compassionate, funny, sweet, and incredibly tenderhearted. She loves all things 'animal' and especially loves baby animals. Littlest Pet Shop toys must have been created with Emma in mind...she LOVES them! :) Emma is a little prayer warrior. She makes me very proud!

Today started with Upward basketball games followed by our traditional Chocolate Chip Pancake breakfast then presents. This afternoon we went ice-skating (no, I didn't skate - I sat at the window holding the baby and watched though:) which is one of Emma's very favorite things to do! In fact, Nona & Poppy gave her 8 weeks of ice-skating lessons for her birthday present! Emma's friend MacKenzie went ice-skating with us and is spending the night tonight. They are currently watching a movie before bed. It's been a fun day of celebrating Emma by doing the things she loves to do!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, EMMA GRACE! You make your mama's heart happy. I love you to pieces!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Emma! The Copelands love you to pieces!!!