Friday, June 1, 2012

It's been 4 months since I posted last! I've been busy! A lot can happen in 4 months... Sophia is 4 months old and is the world's happiest baby. She smiles all the time and loves the attention of her siblings. She is rolling from belly to back, has great neck control, and 'talks' constantly. I am just soaking in this sweet stage and trying not to be sad that she is growing up so fast. She has been sleeping through the night for a couple of months now...such a good girl! When we get home from vacation she will officially be moved to the crib in the bedroom with her littlest big sisters. Maggie is changing a lot too. Saying more words every day and becoming more and more independent. She is definitely our family 'clown'! Molly is a big helper and such a sweet girl. I love getting the alone with her. :). Evelyn is, as always, a joy and a hard worker. She is really enjoying our summer break. Emma is growing into a young lady right before my eyes. It's so nice to have someone who is able to help out with bigger jobs. Nathan just turned 10! What!?!? Not sure how the last 10 years sped by so fast, but they sure have. So thankful to have been chosen to be the Mama of such a sweet young man. I'm beginning to anticipate all the changes that will take place in our home over the next few years...scary, but exciting! :) In other news...we are just finishing a week of vacation at a lake house in Tennessee! It has been relaxing, refreshing, and so much fun! I can't even explain how much I love having my husband around all day. The kids have been great and have so enjoyed swimming, fishing, bubbles, movies, and games. My parents, siblings, niece, nephew, and cousins are here with us and it's been a great time for all the grown-ups too. Tomorrow we will load us the vehicles and while everyone else heads home Brett & I are taking the kids and heading to Indybforna couple days (just for fun:) then to Chicago area for 5 days. Brett will be in a conference from Tuesday-Thursday while the kids and I get to hang out with some of our dearest friends! On Friday we will take the kids into the city for some sight-seeing (that's right, 6 kids in Chicago...yes, we are crazy!!!:). We will drive home that night. I have a feeling that I will be very ready to be home again by then. But I am so thankful that we are able to join Brett for this trip...we love to travel and really don't like it when he is away. Anyway, that was wordy and maybe too much info, but I'm listening to country music (my fav:) and feeling chatty so there you have it. I'll try to post more often. It will be much easier now with the IPAD!!!! that Brett & my parents gave me for my birthday!!!! ;)

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