Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My thoughts...

We got school finished without too much trouble and the house isn't in total disarray so I'd say it's been an overall productive day.  No one said anything super funny, there were no disasters, and no major events in the Curry House on this very cold February day (but it's not over yet - so stay tuned).

 :)  I love the snow (which is good because we've had about 12ish inches in the last week and a half!) and have enjoyed watching it from the window, but I do think I might be ready for spring now. There isn't much that can brighten my mood like a sunshiney, blue sky, warm day! Mmmmm....can you feel it? The sun shining on your back, the breeze blowing lightly across your face, the neighborhood (be it a 'real' neighborhood or the animals in the woods) beginning to come to life like they tend to do when the weather begins to change, and the birds chirping in the green trees???   I can't...all I can feel is the draft seeping in through the window sill in the dining room. But that's ok, this is Missouri and it's supposed to be 60 on Saturday! And for right now I'm more than content to have a fire in the insert, my kids all healthy and happy, and my husband home (working, but at least he's at home safe). Oh, and Jefferson on his blanket in the family room - I love that dog! :) OH, I see the sun peeking through the clouds! It's too late in the day for it to melt/warm anything, but it's a welcome sight anyway.

Veggie Lasagna for dinner recipe! Can't wait to taste it! I'm so looking forward to an evening with those closest to me - I am very blessed.

P.S. - What is it about writing that makes me weepy? It's like I'm typing a movie script and I can hear the music in the background. Silly woman, I know. :)


  1. Brittany, I see you are writing your blog at 2:43 p.m.. I can only assume that a few of your beautiful children are at nap/quiet time. I always enjoy your post on facebook and I am sure your blog will be enjoyable too!

  2. Yes, Sandy, they have quiet time from 2-4 so I'm able to keep my sanity! Thank you for your kind words. :)