Friday, October 14, 2011

It's been a while.

It's been a while since I've posted. I meant to post after finding out baby's gender - A GIRL!!!, but forgot. We did post the video on facebook though.

Finding out it was a girl was shocking (I was so sure it was a boy this time - but I did ask the midwife again to be sure and she said it was VERY obvious that it's a girl:), but still exciting! I really didn't care either way and I think it will be so fun that this baby & Maggie will be so close in age and both girls - I hope they are best friends! But there were a few tears. Evelyn cried for about 30 seconds, Emma for about 5 minutes, but Nathan was the one who broke my heart. He was trying so hard to be excited and ok with it, but he was fighting tears. Later that day I asked if he would still like to share his room with the baby (he REALLY doesn't like having his own room and was so looking forward to sharing with the baby) and he said "I can? Really?". :) His room is decorated with KC Chiefs stuff so I told him we could just have a pink Chiefs bedskirt made for the crib and he thought that was REALLY cool! When he decides he is done sharing a room with a girl (I actually think it will be the toddler phase that gets to him first:) we will move her in with Molly & Maggie and he'll have his own space again. Which seems only fair to me considering the fact that he is about to have 5 sisters!!!

We had a little more trouble coming up with a name this time around. We had agreed on a boy name, but never could decide on a girl name (another reason I was so sure it was a boy). After a couple weeks and lots of "no, nope, NO, and I don't think I love it"s we finally decided on Sophia Bliss. We LOVE it! Sophia means wisdom and I think it fits so well with our other 5 names (as well as their meanings). The kids are already calling her sweet.

Everything else looks great as well! Sophia is growing and healthy (and very wiggly) and this pregnancy is more comfortable than the last couple which is very nice since I'm still carrying Maggie quite a bit (she really likes to be held). I am measuring right where I should be (24 1/2 weeks) but I feel smaller this time and that could be because I'm carrying this baby lower than my others. Anyway, I'm very thankful that there have been no complications this time around and I am so looking forward to meeting our sweet Sophia sometime in January or February!

Also, last Sunday Maggie turned 1!!! How on earth?!?! That's just crazy! She is taking steps, but still crawling for the most part. She isn't really saying many words...just Mama & Dada...but with so many people anticipating and catering to her every need and whim (yes, it's going to be a problem when Sophia arrives:) I'm sure she doesn't really see any reason to start vocalizing her needs quite yet. Maggie is a joy and the cause for many smiles and much laughter in our home! Her smile is precious and contagious. She now has 7 teeth and has lost some of her chunkiness, but is still pretty round for a Curry baby. What a loved little lady Miss Maggie is already. I can't wait to see all that God has in store for her future...but don't grow up too fast sweet baby girl...

Life is staying very busy for us. Brett is crazy busy with our growing business - a HUGE blessing - but also hard with all the hours he is having to work! The next couple of weeks are supposed to be a bit slower for him...we'll see. We had our fall break from school last week while our dear friends who moved to Chicago in July were here visiting. What a fun time we had!!! There were moments of chaos with 8 kids in the house (11 a couple times when we had extra friends over!), but it was a blast to have them here and I so hope we're able to do it again. :) So it was back to school for us this week and it's been a tough one...maybe not so much for the kids, but I am having trouble finding motivation. But we survived the week and completed Week 12 of school today! YAY! Now I am really looking forward to this weekend!!! Life Group tonight then relaxing, errands, & family time tomorrow, and Maggie's Birthday party on Sunday!

Well, that's all I can think of for now. I'll try to remember to post some pics and details after Maggie's party. :) Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the cooler temperatures. Happy Fall!!!

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