Thursday, March 3, 2011

Molly Faith

At this moment 3 years ago I was lying in my bed snuggling with my brand new baby girl! Molly Faith has been such a joy and a blessing to us. Also a reason for much laughter! She'll do about anything for a laugh and loves to entertain her siblings...especially during their school time (to my dismay and sometimes utter frustration!)! Everyone thought that she would be a boy so when she was a girl I was in shock...and completely delighted (I had wanted a girl...obviously God had placed that desire in my heart:)! Molly was a big-time mama's girl up until about 5 months ago when Maggie was born...Molly has since become quite attached to her Daddy as well. :) Her nickname is Moo - shortened from Moody - a more fitting nickname has never been placed on a baby I'm sure! She could go from a smile to a scowl in a few short seconds (starting at a very young age) and did was hilarious! Thankfully most of her scowls are reserved for her joking now. :)

What an honor to be called Mama by this sweet little girl. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for her future! I love you my little Molly Moo - keep smiling!
So of course this morning started off with our traditional chocolate chip pancake Birthday breakfast (with candles & singing too of course) followed by presents from Brett & I and siblings. We're playing around the house for now and next on the agenda is lunch at McD (healthy, I know:) and playing in the PlayPlace with her siblings and her best friend, Landon (her cousin whom she adores)! Then tonight cupcakes with all of our Life Group friends. I LOVE birthdays - celebrating the day I became a mama (to each one of my babies) is so much fun!!!  :) :) :)  

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