Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Well, it's spring break...and it actually feels like spring outside! I'm looking forward to a week of fun and also accomplishing the many things that have been being put off since Christmas break. Piles of stuff that keep getting bigger, Maggie's babybook, ordering prints of my last 6 months of photos, and cleaning out Brett's closet  (that one has been put off for 2 years - well actually, I left it for him to do because I thought he would like to choose what to get rid of, but he hasn't done it so I'm going to - I was told if I get rid of the 'sacred shirt' there would be serious repercussions - I ain't scared of him though...:)!

My kiddos are working hard at the moment to finish up all their chores so they can head outside and then they are begging for so wii-time (Mario) later today. Honestly they get more exercise playing wii Mario than they do playing wii's HILARIOUS to watch them - every time they make their 'guy' jump they also jump and they are constantly swinging their arms around as they navigate through each level! So funny! I've had to ban them from the furniture while playing wii cause I found them standing and JUMPING on my couch!!! That is a big-time 'NO' in our home!

Well, I guess I'd better stop typing cause there is fun to be had (and work to do)! Have a great day!

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